I just wanted to express my gratitude for creating, what I believe to be, the most exquisite, classic and perfectly tailored wedding dress for my wedding day. You would not believe how tricky it is to find a beautifully tailored, simple, elegant, white, classic dress. Almost every dress I came across was a shade of cream and either beaded, lacy, heavily designed or all of the above. After several visits to a range of bridal shops across the country, all the dresses I saw started to blend into one. I’d been saying for a while that I wanted to wear something quite classic and timeless with a stylish twist to it but I was beginning to think this kind of dress didn’t exist. And then along came The Harrogate Wedding Lounge! Your version of the dress I tried on in the store was in fact the Alana dress (with a high neckline and small sleeves) and it was ivory in colour. As soon as I tried it I knew I was on the right path…I loved the heavy silk fabric, the stylish tailoring seams and the perfect simplicity of it…after a few nips and tucks of the fabric and a little imagination, I believed I had found my dress – I just needed to find out if it existed in your portfolio! And then out popped the Cornflower dress! Although it was in ivory I still absolutely loved it and I want to thank you so much for agreeing to create the dress in white – I’m sure you’ll agree that the white fabric makes it look so striking and stylish. I’ve attached some pictures for you to look at – I hope you like!

Photography Jon Dennis


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