Joanna and Gary

Myself and my husband Gary got married on the 11th of April this year at Grange Church in Morayshire and then at Aswanley Aberdeenshire. We had the most amazing day, and although it was cold we were blessed with beautiful sunshine. I got my MiaMia Clematis dress from Perfect Bridal Rooms in Aberdeen and unlike many brides I did not struggle to find ‘the one’. Also like many brides, and there mums, I had looked online for dresses  from the moment we got engaged (and a little before!) and I had seen the dress whilst browsing and loved it. When I eventually did go looking for my dress I had made only two appointments at shops in Aberdeen and was so excited when I came across the MiaMia  which I had seen online all that time ago. Having tried on all styles of dresses I had started to know what I didn’t want but not exactly what I did want. When I tried on the MiaMia I knew instantly that it was the dress I wanted. So we got. One the first day of searching. Only about the tenth dress I tried on. This is a situation which neither my mum nor myself could have envisaged, knowing how indecisive  I am and what a big decision I was making. I think my mum was secretly disappointed she wouldn’t get to have any more dress shopping days! I felt amazing in it on the day, and knew that I had chosen my perfect dress.

Thank you

Joanna Coull

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